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Spiked Slushies are Heating Up - Fat Tuesday and Rutter's Using Beverage Bags

Many brands are using Beverage Bags to offer their customer convenient 1 Gallon and 1/2 Gallon Beverages that are the perfect compliment to takeout, delivery, and family meals. Beverage Bags are great for all types of beverages, but many people don't know that they can also be used for Spiked (alcohol) Slushies which are a great way to drive sales and increase profit margins; the perfect item for summer!

Fat Tuesday: New Orlean Saints & Daiquiris "Gallon to Geaux!" Program with Beverage Bags

Fat Tuesday began using the Beverage Bags with their "Gallon to Geaux!" program; it launched in partnership with the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Original Daiquiris. The program also recently expanded to more stores/regions and designs. Take a look at their at their Beverage Bag launch video below: 

Rutter's Spiked Party Bags feature Wide Mouth Beverage Bags

Rutter's is also taking advantage of the trend and using our Wide Mouth Beverage Bag to offer their customers Rutter's Party Bags featuring their Spiked Slushies. Each party bags serves 6 slushies and Rutter's also features seasonal flavors like their Shamrock Slushie that they recently launched for St. Patricks Day.

Hundreds of Yards in Less Than a Foot

Our Tall Beverage Pouch (also known as the Foldable Yard) is designed to save space compared to Traditional Plastic Yards. Our Tall Beverage Pouch / Foldable Yard can be fully branded with your custom artwork and ships / stores flat to save space and reduce storage/shipping expenses. The unique vessel and presentation are also a great way to promote your brand without the need for expensive and bulk traditional yards.

Space Saving & Cost Saving Design of Beverage Bags

Many concepts with smaller footprints have not been able to offer their customers 1 or 1/2 Gallon Beverages because traditional plastic jugs are too bulky and take-up limited back house storage space. Our Beverage Bags are shipped and stored flat so they use a fraction of the space compared to traditional plastic jugs. Take a look at the photo below to see how much space 100 Beverage Bags saves compared to just 50 Plastic Jugs. Beverage Bags are as low as $0.50 per bag depending on style and quantity; since they are shipped and stored flat they also reduce your shipping and storage costs. Lastly, Beverage Bags can be branded with full color edge-to-edge artwork so you don't have to waste money paying your employees to stick label on bulky plastic jugs.

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